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November 8th, 2019

With 25% of the population now made up of health conscious millennials, we’re in a time where oat milk lattes and chia seed smoothies are being favoured over a night on the town. More than ever before, consumers are conscious of what they are putting in their bodies and are seeking alternatives to alcohol. Here at Futures, we think there are a few current trends in the drinks industry that are here to stay.

In order to keep up with this trend, companies in the drinks industry are constantly launching new and innovative alcohol free and low alcohol products. But the ‘low and no’ alcohol trend has long surpassed simple soft drinks. In the Instagram influencer era, a drink’s appearance and low sugar contents are becoming just as important as taste.


Three trends we’re seeing more of towards the end of 2019:


Distilled Dark ‘spirits’

In response to a change in consumer behaviour and mindset, Pernod Ricard spotted a gap in the market for alcohol-free dark spirits and recently launched Celtic Soul. The non-alcoholic dark spirit showcases how sophisticated drinks no longer need to contain alcohol and sales have rocketed since its launch.


Citrus beer

Fruity and premium beers were some of the first to make an appearance on the low/no drink trend. From Brewdog to Tempest Brewing Co, the market is booming with new products. Over 52% believe non-alcoholic beers have become more socially acceptable over the last couple of years and with last summer seeing a 58% sales increase on non-alcoholic beer, we expect to see more of these products emerging.


Fine Dining

Although there has been reluctance from the fine wine market to join the ‘low and no’ alcohol trend, we’re starting to see more of an uptake. Nine Elms No.18 is now available at certain restaurants in the UK. This non-alcoholic fine wine is deemed the perfect partner for fine dining and includes four different varieties of berry, infused with distilled extracts of 20 different flowers, herbs and spices.


With alcohol consumption in the UK at an all-time low, the alcohol-free market has seen significant growth. But emerging drink trends and a thriving low/no alcohol market means there is the requirement for a growing number of qualified people within the manufacturing industry. Our Futures Food and Drink team are industry experts with an in depth understanding of the drinks market.

With 25 years’ experience in the industry, our market knowledge is unrivalled. We have access to a pool of talented specialists at all levels from Head Brewer to Distillery Manager. If you’re looking to hire within the industry then get in touch with us today to discover how our team can help you find the best person for the role.

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