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July 16th, 2020

We are in the midst of witnessing a global pandemic. Covid-19 is having a substantial impact on our economy, reshaping businesses and altering mindsets across the globe. However with crisis also comes opportunity, and in order to survive in this new landscape, business owners need to focus energy on the major opportunity this creates to hire talented candidates across the UK who may be struggling to find new opportunities or keep their existing role.

With some sectors affected more heavily than others, many companies are downsizing or may soon find themselves in a position where making mass redundancies is the only viable option. An unparalleled number of experienced and talented people will be seeking employment opportunities.

With a sense of normality starting to creep back in and companies starting to look to the future, here is why we believe that now is the best time to hire talent.


The best talent pool in years

Six million workers in the UK may face losing their jobs as the coronavirus outbreak shakes the economy. Whilst this figure is undeniably bleak, for companies who can survive the climate, this offers an unprecedented opportunity to find exceptionally talented individuals to drive them forwards.

Before the pandemic hit there was a lot of noise about a worldwide skills shortage. According to the Economist 54% of companies across the world were faced a talent shortage and 80% of CEO’s worried about skills shortages. Hiring individuals that tick every box is no easy task, but for this unusual and limited period of time, the perfect person may be out there and up for grabs.

With a growing pool of available talent, business leaders need to seize this opportunity to help get the best possible people on board to prepare for both post-crisis recovery and company growth.


A shift in priorities

After a huge period of reflection, it comes as no surprise to us that staying in a job that makes you miserable is no longer a priority.

The thinking time we’ve been given during lockdown has left many of us contemplating and analysing our priorities and life values.

  • What motivates us?
  • What truly means something to us?
  • What are our driving factors in the workplace?

There are many potential motivating factors, for some these may be monetary, for others values and a sense of purpose outweigh the physical salary and benefit packages offered. One thing that is certain is that candidates are clearer than ever on their mindset, values, focus and potential to do the best both themselves and for their next employer.

Hiring now means employers will see a pool of passionate potential candidates who are ready to make a difference.


How can we help?

If you’re a business owner and are looking to find the best talent for your company after lockdown then get in touch with the team at Futures today.

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