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October 28th, 2019

An increasing number of businesses are moving towards using interim managers as a cost-effective solution to lead a turn-around situation or at crucial times. Interim managers can seamlessly fit into your organisation and begin performing right away, adapting to your culture and environment to deliver fast results.

Here at Futures, we believe that interim managers can be the perfect solution and come with a number of benefits:

 1. Speed

An interim manager can be a part of your organisation that makes a significant impact within a matter of days. The timescale for hiring an interim manager is much faster than a permanent management solution, making them the perfect choice for a time critical situation.

2. Immediate impact

Interim managers are typically over skilled and over qualified in their field. Due to their high level of skill and expertise, they are able to use this to set about having an immediate impact with very little guidance.

3. Proven track record

Professional interim managers have been experts in their field for many years and come with a proven track record of success. Their wealth of experience can be transferred to your team and the value they bring can be transformational long after their contract comes to an end.

4. Fast results

Interim managers are results driven. They are skilled at working towards set goals and fixed deadlines. This means that they’re quickly able to come into your business and use their experience to assess the key objectives and deliver measurable results.

5. Return on investment

Failure to deliver first time can be costly. The financial loss incurred can significantly outweigh the cost of hiring a professional interim manager in the first place. The right interim manager can apply their skills and experience to achieve your objectives at times of crisis.

6. Flexibility

The flexible and cost effective nature of an interim manager can be very attractive to organisations. An interim contract can be anywhere between 3 months to 3 years, or longer if necessary, and is a variable cost as opposed to a fixed cost. The short-term nature of their contract means there is room for movement in uncertain and quickly changing circumstances.

 7. Valuable solution in uncertain times

In this uncertain economic climate, an interim manager offers a beneficial option to help guide your business through a transformative or difficult period. An experienced individual who is the best fit for implementing change, innovating and meeting the evolving business needs and can be hired in a short time frame to hit the ground running can be a highly valuable solution.


Need a senior interim manager?

Here at Futures, we’re specialists in interim management. Working across the public sector, education and manufacturing, we have built an exceptional reputation and an enviable network of contacts over our years in the industry.

With over 750 clients, and more than 350 Futures interims on placement every year, we can provide the best interim management across the UK. Our team gets to know each one personally and individually, getting a full grasp on where their strengths and expertise lie. This is why we’re able to consistently match the perfect candidates to the right projects with precision and accuracy.

We’ll support both you and our interim throughout the placement. Many of our interims have been with us for years and choose to work with us exclusively – so you can trust us to match you with someone that we trust ourselves.


A sneak peek at how we’ve helped per sector…


Our Education team work with a large, nationwide pool of senior leaders, managers and interim consultants. Our job is to match and fill the gaps in your school or other education centre with the very best candidates available. We have everything in place to support you to employ senior leaders and management that can challenge and transform your education setting.

      Interim Head Teacher


A Secondary School needed an immediate interim head teacher to ensure continuity of senior leadership within the school.

      Outcome & benefits

Our Education team identified an outstanding candidate who could lead the school and hit the ground running in just 10 days of Futures taking the brief. The service exceeded the expectations of the client. The interim contract has been extended three times from an initial one month contract, due to excellent performance.

Read more on our Education case studies here.


Public Sector

We have a long history of working with local authorities throughout the UK and helping to deliver social care and education IT systems, social care transformation, digital transformation, and housing and regeneration. In fact, we’ve already worked with 146 out of 152 top tier councils (county councils, city councils and borough councils) to help deliver the perfect solution to their needs.

     Liquidlogic Social Care Deployment


London Borough of Barking and Dagenham (LBBD) commissioned Futures to deploy Liquidlogic’s LAS, LCS and Early Years products, along with ContrOCC’s social care finance product. A key requirement of this complex, high-profile project was that it had to be delivered in parallel to a large-scale organisational restructure, exposing the council to multiple risks. It was therefore essential the deployment team was suitably experienced to deliver a seamless, effective implementation and transition.


Futures was responsible for supplying a team of experts fulfilling a number of highly-specialised roles. Many members of the team had worked together on similar Liquidlogic deployments, so they had a shared knowledge and understanding of the tasks involved.

     Outcome & benefits

The deployment of these Liquidlogic products by the team has led to the sustained transformation of services delivered by Children’s and Adults teams and their partner agencies in Barking and Dagenham. The products the team delivered means that social care practitioners in the borough now have access to effective tools that support them in the improved delivery of services.

For example, the team streamlined processes so that children are now placed with foster-carers more quickly. Futures consultants ensured that data quality was improved, leading to better case recording by practitioners, resulting in more accurate Management Information. Lead in times for complex tasks, such as raising payments and charges for services have been reduced. The team was also responsible for the simplification of year end processes, so the time taken to complete statutory returns has been substantially reduced.

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Here at Futures, our Manufacturing team also offer interim support throughout the industry specialising in Electronics, Flow Control, Precision Engineering, Furniture and Food & Drink covering roles including:

  • Directors & Senior Leadership
  • Sales & Commercial
  • HR
  • Research & Design
  • Production & Manufacturing
  • Technical & Quality
  • Maintenance
  • Supply Chain
  • IT
  • Finance
  • Projects


     Interim CI Manager


A Tier 1 automotive component manufacturer needed to implement CI methodologies but were unable to hire a permanent person. Due to headcount constraints; the solution was to utilise an interim.

     Outcome & benefits

The Interim CI Manager, a former Operations and Manufacturing Manager, was able to hit the ground running and utilise his experience to quickly establish priorities for focus. During his assignment, the Quality Manager and sometime later, Plant Manager left the company. Due to his prior experience,  he was able to step in while the company recruited for replacements. He then stood down again and resumed the CI activities and at time of press, continues in the role.


Get in touch today to talk to one of our interim management experts and see how we can help find the solution to your problem.


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