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In 2017, Futures was commissioned by Cambridgeshire County Council to provide specialist contractors to assist with the deployment of Servelec HSC’s Mosaic Adult Social Care and Finance case management system. This was a high-risk, business-critical programme, requiring a team of experts to deliver a seamless, effective implementation and transition.

A programme of this scale brings many opportunities, such as enabling the social care workforce to work more productively, safely and collaboratively. It also presents substantial risks, such as service disruption; slippage and failed migration.

In order to fully exploit these opportunities and mitigate the risks, Cambridgeshire developed a business case so the project could be resourced with appropriately qualified and experienced specialists.

Having operated in this market since 2005, Futures has unparalleled knowledge of resourcing social care system deployments and was ideally placed to provide these experts. As Tom Ryan, Director at Futures explains: “We invest a lot of time talking to local authorities about their requirements, and to our contractors about their capabilities. This means when asked, we are able to offer the best quality resources available”.

When briefed on the resource requirements for the programme, Futures knew immediately the best team for the job. “Wherever possible we try to replicate winning teams from previous projects and were able to provide that for Cambridgeshire”, says Tom.

The majority of the team had recently finished working together on another Mosaic programme. They were supplemented by a small number of equally skilled contractors that were well integrated into project team.

"Futures are a high quality supplier of specialist contractors and I have no hesitation recommending them to anyone that needs to engage the best resources in the market.

I have worked with Futures since 2016. They have successfully resourced a major high profile IT programme for Adult Social Care which went live on 18th October 2018. Futures supplied high quality, proven experts in Social Care IT to implement a very complex solution. The programme was such a success that we have used Futures again for another major programme in children’s services, which needs a whole new team of specialists”.

Chris Stromberg, Head of IT & Digital for Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Councils


From the outset, the team provided by Futures were able to offer:

Leadership and Management: A programme of this scale requires a series of complex tasks to be delivered by multiple, interdependent work streams, at specified times. Our contractors were able to carefully plan and coordinate these tasks so they were delivered on schedule and to pre-agreed standards;

Proven Techniques: Our contractors brought a wealth of tried and tested processes and tools to the project. This meant that tasks were delivered efficiently and to a high standard;

Knowledge Transfer: The contractors worked in close partnership with in-house teams to ensure that essential know-how was passed on. This not only meant input from Cambridgeshire was maximised for the duration of the project, but they now have the knowledge to continue developing and improving Mosaic post go-live.

Risk Management: Replacing a social care system exposes the organisation to a series of major risks, particularly during the transition period. Our contractor’s prior experience meant they were able to anticipate risks and barriers and mitigate them appropriately.


This project was successfully delivered within agreed timescales, and go-live of Mosaic’s Adults and Finance systems was achieved in October 2018.

Prior to go-live, approximately 800 system users (including representatives from partner agencies) were provided with system training, relevant to their specific area of service.

Implementation and the transition to Business as Usual was supported by a large network of Change Champions and Super Users.

Approximately 60,000 client records, plus associated contacts were successfully migrated. 10 million individual pieces of data were brought across from the old to the new system.

A number of system integrations were delivered, including:

  • Third party Document Management System
  • NHS Mini-Spine
  • Gazetteer

Deployment was supported by a series of detailed plans developed by our contractors, covering testing, data quality, training and change management.


The involvement of our contractors not only enabled a successful go-live, but they were responsible for a smooth transition from the old to the new system. End-users were thoroughly trained in its use. Post go-live, there were low numbers of calls to the Helpdesk, indicating that users were confident in its use. As Chris Stromberg, Head of IT and Digital has stated: “The service was completely prepared for go-live”.

Our contractors were required to configure Mosaic so recording processes were lean and simple, thereby minimising data input and improving productivity. Rigorous rounds of testing ensured high quality data was migrated into Mosaic. This enhanced the quality and accuracy of case recording and Management Information.

The contractors were responsible for the integration of Mosaic with several other applications, including the NHS mini-spine and a Document Management System. This has strengthened its capabilities and means that the exchange of vital data is now seamlessly automated, streamlining critical processes.

Robust arrangements were in place when the project came to an end and ‘Business as Usual’ commenced. This means teams and services were not only able to embrace the new system, but the building blocks are in place for further developments, such as customer and supplier portals.

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