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London Borough of Barking and Dagenham (LBBD) commissioned Futures to deploy Liquidlogic’s LAS, LCS and Early Years products, along with ContrOCC’s social care finance product.

A key requirement of this complex, high-profile project was that it had to be delivered in parallel to a large-scale organisational restructure, exposing the council to multiple risks. It was therefore essential the deployment team was suitably experienced to deliver a seamless, effective implementation and transition.

Implementation of Liquidlogic’s products offers many benefits, but also presents substantial risks, such as service disruption; slippage and failed migration.

At an early stage, LBBD recognised it did not have the in-house expertise and capacity to ensure a safe and effective delivery, and so turned to Futures to resource the project with appropriately qualified and experienced specialists.

"Nationally, there are only a couple of dozen experts who know how to successfully implement Liquidlogic.

We know all of them: which ones work best together and which ones are available, meaning we can put together a highly effective team at short-notice”.

Tom Ryan, Director: Futures


Futures was responsible for supplying a team of experts fulfilling a number of highly-specialised roles. Many members of the team had worked together on similar Liquidlogic deployments, so they had a shared knowledge and understanding of the tasks involved.

Having operated in this market since 2005, Futures has unparalleled experience of resourcing social care system deployments and was ideally placed to provide these experts. As Tom Ryan, Director at Futures explains: “We invest a lot of time talking to local authorities about their requirements, and to our contractors about their capabilities. This means when asked, we are able to offer the best quality resources available”.

Because of this expertise, Futures already knew which consultants would be available at the relevant time. Tom and his team understood the council’s gaps in skills and knowledge and were able to fill them accordingly. Futures team consisted of six specialist contractors, with each one commencing work on the project at the right time to maximise output and productivity.


This project was successfully delivered with Liquidlogic’s LAS, LCS and Early Years products, along with ContrOCC’s social care finance product, all going live in accordance with scheduled timescales.

Key components of the deployment, delivered by the Futures team, include: data quality improvements; successful transfer of critical data from legacy systems; integration with third party applications; streamlined case recording processes; the production of bespoke Management Information reports, and a multi-agency workforce fully prepared to take advantage of the new system.


The Futures team was tasked with delivering a lean configuration, bespoke to the local needs of social care practitioners. The deployment of these Liquidlogic products by the team has led to the sustained transformation of services delivered by Children’s and Adults teams and their partner agencies in Barking and Dagenham. The products the team delivered means that social care practitioners in the borough now have access to effective tools that support them in the improved delivery of services.

For example, the team streamlined processes so that children are now placed with foster-carers more quickly. Futures consultants ensured that data quality was improved, leading to better case recording by practitioners, resulting in more accurate Management Information. Lead in times for complex tasks, such as raising payments and charges for services have been reduced. The team was also responsible for the simplification of year end processes, so the time taken to complete statutory returns has been substantially reduced.

These products, as deployed by the team, has provided the building blocks for further developments, such as interactive portals enabling citizen and supplier self-service.

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