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What We Do

Looking for an experienced interim contractor to manage and guide you through a period of change or transformation? Or perhaps you’re looking for a permanent member of staff to help build and grow your team. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

We recruit and provide interim managers, project solutions and subject matter experts throughout the public sector here at Futures. We have a long history of working with local authorities throughout the UK and helping to deliver social care and education IT systems, social care transformation, digital transformation, and housing and regeneration. In fact, we’ve already worked with 146 out of 152 top tier councils (county councils, city councils and borough councils). From Dorset to Liverpool, and from Kent to Sunderland – we’ve worked with local authorities across the nation to help deliver the perfect solution for their needs.

We’ve been trading for over 25 years – in that time we’ve grown and changed. We’ve also seen changes and developments in the public sector, and followed and adapted when we’ve needed to. Digital technology and IT have taken on a more and more important role in the sector. We’ve always advocated keeping up to date and utilizing the latest technology with the right expertise, helping councils to deliver the best service and care that they can.

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Our specialisms

Why choose us

A Different Approach

Every contractor in our sector is known to us, most of them are delivering projects for us. Those that aren’t know exactly who we are and what we do. This puts us in the unique position of being able to plan ahead and move project resources seamlessly from one project to the next.

We look after our contractors. Many have worked for us on consecutive assignments for 10 years. If you work for us, we prioritise keeping you in assignment. You will always know about the best projects first.

We look after our clients. Getting the wrong resources will have disastrous and costly effects on your project. If we work with you, we prioritise your project needs. You will always know about the best resources first.

How can we help you?

Project Solutions

We provide project solutions to help you deliver whole projects, specific workstreams or discrete pieces of work.

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Interim Management

We deliver a quick turnaround on providing high quality interims that manage change in the most challenging environments.

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Frameworks & Agreements

Futures are an approved and accredited framework supplier. We offer public sector support for project and programme delivery through a range of Government Frameworks as well as through Bloom procurement.

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Market Insight

We want to keep you up to date with the latest industry news. Take a look at some of these sources for insight into jobs, employment, the economy and wider economic trends.

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Frameworks & Agreements

Who we've helped

We are proud to have worked with over 100 local authorities across the UK to help them deliver public sector transformation.

Recruitment With Values

Here at Futures, we’re always taking a step back to review the way we conduct our business. Our ethics and values are incredibly important to us, and we’re always striving to be the best that we can be. We believe that this helps to attract the very best staff and candidates for clients. When building our own team, we make sure that everybody is in line with the core values of Futures.

We provide you with interim managers and recruit public sector specialists and project teams to help you in improving services for our citizens. It is our pride and passion to help councils look after the most vulnerable members of society. Our core values include:

We’re a tight knit team here at Futures. The team all respect one another, have fun and pull together.
We’ve put together a trustworthy and honest team - we stick to our word and never let our clients and candidates down.
There’s a certain grit and determination in the spirit of Futures - when the going gets tough, we keep moving forward and onto the next step.
In the public sector, we work with both clients and candidates. Our job is to match the right people with the right positions - and we continue to do this because of our experience and extensive network.
With 25 years of experience, 793 clients, and 70% repeat business, the stats speak for themselves. We know all the right people, which puts us in the position of being able to plan ahead and find you the best project solutions and interim resources - before anyone else.

What we've been up to

The Story So Far

Early in Futures’ life, we adopted specialist consultants operating in niche areas such as Adult Social Care & Children’s Services (Care Futures) and School Improvement and SEN (Education Futures). Operating in these sectors, Futures soon became a unique and thriving recruitment business. With the experience, expertise and network of contacts that we cultivated, we began to offer a completely unique range of specialist recruitment and consultancy services.

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We soon found that Futures was growing to specialise in four sectors: Public Sector, Education, Manufacturing, and Food & Drink. These were the areas in which our expertise grew enough for us to deliver our unique and specialist people solutions, interim management and project solution services to an incredibly high standard. Even today, Futures is split into these four sectors:  Futures Public Sector, Futures Education, Futures Manufacturing and Futures Food & Drink. Each is run by our expert recruiters, boasting some of the best experience and contacts in the business.

By focussing on these particular specialisms, Futures has been able to continue to grow and become a thriving and unique recruitment business. We offer expert and insightful solutions, aimed at delivering the precise needs of both clients and candidates. Our team is full of experienced professionals who love what they do. The dedicated consultants and resourcers here at Futures bring with them vast knowledge and expertise to everything they do. It’s thanks to our team that we’re able to deliver refreshingly personal, honest and friendly recruitment, interim management and project solution services.

Our Dedication To Public Care

As an employer or candidate in the public sector, it helps to have a recruitment partner you can trust and rely on. Our mission at Futures is simple: we want to be this for everybody we work with. You know that you need a recruitment partner with a vast knowledge and insight into the specialist market of the public sector. Providing the best solutions in this sector requires an understanding of public sector jobs, and the unique needs of clients and candidates in this area.

Since we began over 25 years ago, Futures has worked with local authorities across the country – including over 95% of all the top tier councils. We’ve had the pleasure of helping clients find the perfect employees to help them innovate and improve, and we’ve helped candidates secure exciting positions in areas they love.

We’ve got a very people-focussed approach to recruitment and project solutions in the public sector. We think that the sector is full of talented and gifted people – people who have a social conscience and are willing to dedicate themselves to helping others. These days, our dedicated public sector team of experts are on-hand and ready to guide both candidates and clients to the perfect person or project solution.

Here at Futures, we specialise in providing the very best interim managers and experts to help enable public sector transformation. From social care and education IT systems, social care transformation, digital transformation, and housing and regeneration, we’re here to provide the very best subject matter experts that you need to take your next step.

Need a specialist or a project team? You’re in luck. Here at Futures, we’re here to help you recruit the right people for your project. Whether you’re helping to save a failing school or taking hold of new technology to transform your social care services, we’ll support you throughout and deliver the solution you need.

Our Specialisms

For years now, Futures has been one of the most trusted suppliers of interim management and consultancy within the public sector. From interim management, project solutions and people solutions, we work through a number of frameworks to provide cost effective but experienced and expert resourcing solutions.

We do this for social care IT projects, social care transformation, digital transformation, and housing and regeneration throughout the public sector. We work with both contractors and clients to match interims with the right positions. Our job is to find a solution to your project and management problems.

In these tumultuous times, little is certain. We live in a particularly uncertain economic climate, and the past few years have been tough on local authorities. In these times, we know how important that interim management and project solutions are to you. We specialise in providing you the best temporary staff to guide you through a transformative or difficult period.

Our specialisms include:

  • Social Care & IT Systems
  • Social Care Transformation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Housing & Regeneration

Social Care & IT Systems

We’re here to help you to maximise your investment in systems across adult social care, children’s services and education. Our job is to help you to more easily and efficiently implement these technologies and getting full access to the great benefits they bring. We provide the necessary expertise to review, procure, implement and develop safe solutions. Covering changes in both the technical and business sides of things, we’ll help your business innovate and adapt – no matter what comes your way.

We’ll provide you with experts in Business Analysis, Data Migration, Programme and Project Management, Training and Support, Analytics and Reporting, and Configuration and Testing. Some of the specific roles that we most frequently hire for include: Programme Manager, Data Migration Analyst, Data Migration Lead.

There are a lot of beneficial applications that are incredibly popular in the public sector. Some of the common applications that we work with and provide experts for include:

  • Liquidlogic – LAS, LCS, EHM, & EYES
  • Servelec Mosaic & Synergy
  • OCC ContrOCC
  • OLM CareFirst, Eclipse & Swift
  • Careworks – CareDirector & RAISE
  • Civica PARIS
  • Azeus – AzeusCare

Social Care Transformation

During a time of reduced funding and budgets, with austerity tightening squeezing local authorities harder than ever, it’s never been more challenging to implement and improve care services for adults, children and families. Futures are here to help you to continue providing the highest quality social care you possibly can, hard times or not. Whether initiating a new programme, or transforming and managing changes in existing settings, we’ll provide the experts that you need.

We’re able to provide you with a choice of proven specialists for your programme and project. Everyone we recruit is fully vetted and is qualified for the roles they are put forward for. Some of the specialist roles we provide for in social care transformation include: Programme Manager, Head of Commissioning, Commissioning Manager, Process Business Analyst, Project Manager, Business Analyst Developer, Interim Manager.

Some of the common areas that we work with include:

  • Adults and children’s efficiency programmes,
  • Commissioning
  • Health integration
  • Inspection readiness and service improvement
  • Alternative delivery models
  • Digital transformation

Digital Transformation

We are staunch advocates and supporters of digital innovation within the public sector. We help to enable digitisation by providing the right experts and management throughout local and central government, and the emergency services. We can deliver specialists in digital transformation, and provide teams ready to implement and deliver digital projects.

We can help you by providing teams and specialists ready to help you digitise, by delivering digital strategies and both implementing and changing operating models. Some of the specialist roles we frequently recruit for in digital transformation include: Programme Lead, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Developer, Data Migration Analyst, Business Change Manager, Configuration Analyst, Agile Programmer, Technical Expert.

Areas which we commonly work with include:

  • Digital service review
  • Digital strategy development
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Business case development
  • Procurement and evaluation
  • Channel shift
  • Target Operating Model design
  • Solution design and development
  • Systems implementation and integration

Housing & Regeneration

We work with local authorities across the country, providing them with housing and regeneration development professionals. If you need to implement strategic development plans, or have a social, economic or community regeneration project lined up, then we can find you the expert help that you need. We provide senior managers and resources for projects capable of leading, managing and implementing exciting initiatives in housing and regeneration.

Whether you’re planning a new build or focussing on city centre regeneration, we recruit expert specialists fully capable of delivering and improving your project. Some of the roles we commonly recruit for include: Head of Housing, Service Manager, Regeneration Programme Manager, Assistant Director City Development, Assistant Director Housing Delivery.

Get In Touch

Planning a project and looking for support and management? Or are you a contractor looking for exciting new opportunities? Please get in touch with us today to discover how Futures can help find the solution to your problem. We’re on hand and ready to help guide you towards exciting opportunities. We’re a tight knit and friendly team here at Futures – so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and get in touch! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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