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The right people at the right time

Our interim and contract solutions can give you the ideal person, straight away, whatever the situation.

Even with well-thought-through succession plans and accurate long-term forecasting you can still receive surprising news. If you have an unexpected absence – resignation, maternity cover, long term illness or a setback on a particular project – an interim will allow you appoint a qualified professional, in a short time frame, to minimise potential disruption enabling you meet busines-scritical needs on time and on budget.

Interims give you flexible support whilst it’s needed, without adding a permanent overhead. Interims and contractors are typically a level above the role they’re coming to perform and can deliver results from their first days in post. The legacy impact of an interim – introducing new ways of working, improving culture and atmosphere, providing buddying or coaching to bring forward succession planning – often far outweighs the significant impact they make whilst on site.

Our fully vetted pool of interims and contractors can be ‘parachuted’ into a range of time critical situations. These professionals are available for set periods of time, or can be flexible for the time it takes to deliver a specific project.

We cover a wide range of interim assignments including:

  • Directors & Senior Leadership
  • Sales & Commercial
  • HR
  • Research & Design
  • Production & Manufacturing
  • Technical & Quality
  • Maintenance
  • Supply Chain
  • IT
  • Finance
  • Projects
Our process
A manufacturing business - receives unexpected news (long term illness, maternity cover, resignation or delay on a key project) and wants to add external support for an indefinite amount of time without adding to permanent headcount.
After contacting Futures we will have a comprehensive ‘fact finding’ discussion and compile a brief for the required position.
We contact our national bank of candidates to find the person with the precise experience for this role.
The candidate is placed in the business and has a fast and positive impact, solving the issues discussed in the brief.
5 star rated