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The right people at the right time

Our specialist interim leadership solutions will achieve the results you need, when you need them.

Our fully vetted pool of SLT and Local Authority interim leaders can be ‘parachuted’ into a range of time-critical situations, preparing a school for an inspection, or turning around a school in need of significant improvement. These leaders are available for set periods of time, or for the delivery of specific projects. Below are a few of the roles these individuals typically cover:

School and Academy Trust Roles

  • Executive Headteachers
  • Headteachers, Deputy and Assistant Headteachers
  • Department Heads
  • School Business Managers
  • Head Office Staff including Chief Executives and Finance Directors
  • Academy Trust HR Managers
  • Academy Trust Head of IT

Local Authority Roles

  • School Improvement
  • Special Education Needs
  • Strategic Leaders to Director Level
  • Pupil Place Planning
  • School Organisation
Our process
A school, academy or Local Authority, in need of senior staff but unable to appoint their own, will contact Educations Futures.
Following a comprehensive ‘fact finding’ discussion, we will compile a brief for the required position.
We contact our national bank of candidates to find the person with the precise experience for this role. Please note, our candidates travel from across the UK to fill positions.
We complete all required compliance checks, including references.
The candidate is placed in the school, academy or Local Authority, bringing positive outcomes to the new setting, thanks to their experience in improving schools.
We work in partnership with:
Local Authorities
Academies & MATS
Educational Charities
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