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IR35 was introduced in April 2000, and looked at whether or not a contractor should be treated any differently than an employee in terms of tax and National Insurance

However, significant changes came into effect in April 2017:

Up until April 2017, the responsibility for determining your IR35 status lay with the contractor. However from April 6th it is now the responsibility of the client employing the contractor.

The result is that most contractors will be viewed as an employee, with taxes and NI deductions made and paid to HMRC – and this responsibility remains with us, the recruitment agency.

At Futures we are fully compliant with IR35, taking care of it on your behalf. For more information on IR35, visit

Before we give our clients a shortlist of potential candidates, we undertake a stringent selection process, which includes checking references, internal interviewing and more.

If you are selected, we have a thorough system that you need to adhere to, including completing timesheets and giving feedback.

The average length of an assignment is three months, but this can vary widely from one day upwards.

We naturally prefer to work with experienced interims but if you have experience or references that could make you suitable for an interim assignment, please let us know.

Yes. In addition to our exceptional interim offering, we understand that for sustained periods of improvement, many of our clients are looking for stability in their leadership teams.

Read about our permanent leadership recruitment

On the whole, clients prefer candidates with directly relevant experience, and it is unlikely that they would consider someone from a different sector. However if you have skills that could cross over from another sector, please contact us for a chat.

We take compliance very seriously, and the checks for those working within the education sector are naturally very strict.

We have a checklist that you will need to adhere to before working for us:

  • Verification of ID
  • Verification of company details (if you use an umbrella company)
  • Insurance certificates
  • Verification of education and training
  • Personal information form
  • Signed contractor agreement
  • Client specific checks
  • Payment details forms

We will ask you for your preferred day rate, and advise whether this is realistic or not. On the whole, however, rates are dictated by the marketplace. Availability and experience can have an effect on rates but generally we work to a set structure of day rates for interims at various levels.

You will deal directly with Futures. Once you’ve been offered and accepted an assignment, you will sign a contract and we will then take care of the financial side of things.

It’s different for everyone, and our recruitment timescales vary from 24 hours to months of search.

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