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There has never been a more important time for the world to invest in digital. The pandemic highlighted the importance of digital technologies and digital skills. Futures help Police Forces across the UK to quickly fill critical roles with highly skilled specialists across digital policing. Our experts can support both your technical and business change programmes – in terms of both the NEP and the NPTC.

  • National Enabling Programmes (NEP) are helping police forces across England and Wales transform ways of working through introducing tools, platforms and services that help forces work and collaborate better.
  • National Police Technology Council (NPTC) helps to guide technological improvement across national police forces.

Not only is policing facing change in a digital sense, but it is dealing with ever-increasing expectations and scrutiny from the public. With this comes a change in demand for service, evolving and complex crime profiles and new policing initiatives.

The changes are all positive, but they can be challenging to implement. In the new normal, police forces need to adapt. They need to improve efficiency with the resources they have at their disposal to manage risk and protect citizens.

At Futures we leverage our expertise and experience in helping UK police forces to quickly fill critical roles across digital policing. We ensure police forces are well-equipped with the skills and tools required to safeguard the communities they serve. To improve operation capabilities and reduce threat, risk, and harm.

If you would prefer to discuss your specific requirements over the phone, give us a call on 0113 2050120.

The Problem

Today, the UK police service is at a tipping point. According to the NPCC since 2010, there has been an average reduction of 19% across police budgets. This ranges between 11% and 25% across respective forces. However, despite this decrease in budget size, police forces are tasked with delivering improved services across the board.

Not only is the way police forces interact with citizens moving online, but so is criminal activity. This means the traditional model of a physical policing presence to reduce crime rates and reassure communities is no longer viable on its own.

To improve services, forces must adapt and learn to harness digital technology to their advantage. Otherwise, their service with not be fit for purpose in the 21st century. Traditional objectives remain the same; forces are required to prevent crime and protect the public. However, the way of delivery these objectives does require change.

Currently, many forces are still reliant on traditional infrastructure and processes. There are extensive networks of police stations that process intelligence manually, conduct primarily face-to-face briefings, utilise paper-based case files and rely on forensic capabilities that are still focused on primarily physical evidence.

In a world where the public and criminals alike are utilising digital technologies, a failure to adapt digital policing technologies will restrict the abilities of police forces, preventing them from fighting crime and protecting citizens as well as they could.

How We Can Help

We can help UK police forces to adapt their digital capabilities – to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, increase performance and enhance technology and technological know-how.

We have a strong track record resolving the challenges that can arise involving people, processes, and technology. Our experience enables a bespoke and complex policing transformation process to enhance digital policing protocols.

Our pool of highly qualified interims, contractors and consultants hold relevant security clearance and boast experience within core policing areas including IT, Digital, Change and Transformation, Criminal Intelligence, Forensics and more.

One of the first steps to improving policing services is the realisation that the application of digital technologies can transform the way policing is delivered. If done right, it can bring police closer to communities and crime hubs by bringing them away from police stations. Police forces can adapt a mobile workforce which allows them to engage with the public via multiple channels and utilise a vast amount of data to make informed decisions.

However, to truly benefit from these changes – a bespoke approach is required. This is how we can help. If you would like to find out more, please do contact us.

Common Areas We Work With

Digital transformation

ICT infrastructure

IT system modernisation & implementation

IT security & digital threats

Cloud computing

Business change

Customer journey and redesign

Commercial effectiveness

Agile processes & modern ways of working

Big data & analytics

Operational criminal intelligence & investigations

Forensics (digital and traditional)

Senior interim appointments

BAU capacity cover

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