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Catch up with our blog to find out what the Futures team have been up to, as well as to read articles on key trends, press releases, industry analysis, case studies and more.

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Why now is the best time to hire talent…

July 16th, 2020

We are in the midst of witnessing a global pandemic. Covid-19 is having a substantial impact on our economy, reshaping businesses and altering mindsets across the globe. However with crisis also comes opportunity, and in order to survive in this new landscape, business owners need to focus energy on the major opportunity this creates to hire talented candidates across the UK who may be struggling to find new opportunities or keep their existing role.

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Build Build Build

July 7th, 2020

The government recently announced what it described as the “most radical reforms to our planning system since the Second World War”.

New regulations will give greater freedom for buildings and land in town centres to change use without planning permission and create new homes from the regeneration of vacant and redundant buildings.

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Will UK Manufacturing Change After COVID-19?

July 2nd, 2020

We live in unprecedented times. Never before have we seen a global business shutdown at a scale anything like this. For months now, while COVID-19 has continued to ravage its way across the world, we have watched as businesses across sectors and industries struggle, be set back, and sometimes fail. In the UK, we’ve been under lockdown for a few months now, and we’ve seen businesses up and down the country struggle to deal with the restrictions of the pandemic. But for British manufacturing, things have been very interesting indeed.

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Recruitment In A Post Coronavirus Lockdown World

June 8th, 2020

Here at Futures, we’ve thought a lot about the Covid-19 crisis. From the significant changes to recruitment businesses to the more human impact of how people are coping during this uncertain time. We’ve extensively covered how to ensure a successful recruitment process during the lockdown… but what about after the nationwide lockdown? What recruitment practices will we keep from this, which ones will we ditch and how will open positions be filled by the top talent that is nervous to change jobs in such fraught times.

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Our favourite ways to keep active at home for free

May 18th, 2020

At a time where, understandably, energy and motivation levels may feel at an all-time low with the current situation going around us, we wanted to bring you some great ways to remain active at home. As people specialists, we realise that it’s important to look after your mind and your mental wellbeing in order to be able to perform your best at work or to be the best candidate out there for your aspired career move. Our team here at Futures are all set up to work remotely and have fed back on some of their top, tried and tested, free workouts and yoga sessions available online.

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Ensuring a Successful Recruitment Process During This Coronavirus Situation

May 13th, 2020

The Coronavirus crisis has taken over our lives, altering the way we work, see our friends and how we live our lives. Short of stopping the world spinning, the Coronavirus pandemic has radically altered the world we live in. While it is important to keep perspective and recognise that key workers are literally risking their lives to help those infected by the Coronavirus outbreak, it’s also a good time for businesses to assess how they can operate a successful recruitment process in this new world we live in.

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