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January 20th, 2020

With the harsh return to reality after the Christmas break and the dark nights showing no sign of change, it’s no wonder that Monday 20th January is deemed ‘Blue Monday’.

The return to work can be daunting. Blank expressions and low motivation levels may seem all too familiar. It’s not a shock that 53% more sick days are taken in January than in any other month. 

If you’re struggling to beat the blues, take a look at our 4 top recommendations to get your motivation back!

Plan plan plan…

January is the best time of year to make exciting plans for 2020. 

With a fresh holiday entitlement for the year ahead, it might be the time to book those bargain flights to Budapest for the weekend and fill your 2020 calendar with fun events to look forward to.

There are loads of great countdown calendar apps to count down the days until your next exciting plans and a much deserved rest from your work environment. Having something to work towards and look forward to is great for your mental health, which in turn will help to keep you happy and focused at work.


Practice self-care

One proven way to improve both your mood and your motivation levels is to look after your physical health. Mental health charity Mind recommends focusing on getting enough sleep, keeping physically active and making time for personal care. This isn’t always easy – especially in the cold and dark weeks of January! However, dedicating some time to look after yourself physically is invaluable when it comes to keeping yourself energised and motivated!

Personal care can be as simple as setting yourself a caffeine curfew or having the self-discipline to switch off your laptop before the next Netflix episode comes on.


Make realistic goals for 2020

Setting realistic goals for the year ahead is a great way to conquer the blues. The key to goal setting, whether career-focused or personal goals, is making sure your goals are realistic and achievable. 

Finding a sense of progress and individual achievement at work is crucial for excellent job satisfaction. Nobody wants to feel like they’re treading water and in January, so much attention is placed on resolutions, fresh starts, and new opportunities. Having some modest but important goals in mind for the year ahead is a great way to alleviate your January blues!

There’s nothing worse than setting yourself a goal which you can’t keep up to and demotivating yourself in the process.  Instead small and realistic goals can be great for helping you feel more motivated. Anything from upping your water intake to eating more fruit and veg can be enough to feel a difference.


Set your sights on a career change 

January is the busiest month of the year for employees to start a new job search. As the New Year starts, reflection is common amongst employees and this time of year often means a fresh opportunity would be welcomed by many.

We might not be able to help you book your next weekend away, but if a career change is on the cards for you, then you’ve come to the right place. 


Here at Futures, we’re a leader in professional interim and permanent recruitment services specialising in the public, education and manufacturing sectors. Get in touch if our team can help you take the next step in changing careers or browse our jobs.


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