Manufacturers just edge towards the ‘brexit’ door

A SURVEY of 900 UK manufacturing companies has revealed the industry is largely divided in its opinion about whether the UK should withdraw from the European Union.

chris-griffin-of-futures-co-ukThe research was carried out by Leeds based specialist recruiter Manufacturing Futures, part of the recruitment company  Business leaders from a wide range of UK manufacturing companies were asked whether they think manufacturers are better served by the UK remaining in the EU.

Of the 900 manufacturers quizzed, 55 per cent said they think the UK should go it alone compared to 45 per cent who think the UK is better off staying in the EU.  However 14 per cent of respondents admitted that they could still be persuaded to change their mind about how to vote in the upcoming referendum on 23rd June.

Chris Griffin of Manufacturing Futures says: “Manufacturing is a key sector in the referendum debate because so many UK companies trade in the EU and rely on being able to export freely.  The UK still ranks as the 11th largest manufacturing nation in the world and, although many businesses have concerns, we are surprised the results of this poll are so close with the referendum fast approaching.

“The number of people who could still change their minds could determine the outcome of the referendum.  The remaining campaigning, from both sides, will be crucial in deciding the UK’s future.”

The poll surveyed business leaders running manufacturing companies of all shapes and sizes, across all sectors of the manufacturing industry. employs over 40 people across offices in Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and London.  Manufacturing Futures is the largest brand within the business, with a team of 12 and more than 20 years of experience predominantly recruiting directors, managers and engineers across all areas of the manufacturing industry.